ERP 101: Everything you need to know

Every industry is different, and every organisation has different needs. That means any solution – technology-based or otherwise – must be tailored to each company’s specific requirements in order to drive the greatest outcomes.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one such solution that is supporting organisations across all sectors and servicing their various business requirements. Here’s everything you need as a primer on ERP.


What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning is a digital application that helps businesses drive efficiencies across a range of tasks. Based in the cloud and completely scalable, ERP is the ideal solution for all industries because it is so flexible and customisable.

From operational and financial processes, to advanced revenue management and billing solutions, to inventory and supply chain tools – when deployed properly, ERP can become the beating heart of your organisation, helping you become more productive, more streamlined and more profitable.


Top benefits of ERP

What you get out of your ERP platform will depend on what you need from it. After all, a fast-turnaround manufacturing business will have vastly different needs from a large-scale construction company. That being said, ERP offers a broad range of solutions to support your evolving needs and ensure you can streamline your critical business processes.

  • Business intelligence (BI): Built-in BI tools provide you with real-time insights into what’s happening across your organisation. This invaluable data stream ensures your ERP becomes your ‘single source of truth’, giving you total oversight of your key performance indicators. This, in turn, means you can make data-led and informed decisions for the benefit of your company.
  • Scalability: Your ERP solution will scale with you, which means as your business grows and transforms, so too will the platform. Having an agile technology tool at the centre of your business means you can rapidly add new functionality to support any changes.
  • Productivity: At its core, ERP is a productivity tool, helping businesses save time, avoid costly errors and increase employee engagement. Tedious, time-consuming tasks become a thing of the past. Now your team can focus on what’s most important: growing the business.


A range of ERP solutions

The beauty of ERP is that it’s valuable across almost every sector. That means there’s been overwhelming uptake, and therefore ERP providers are constantly deploying the most up-to-date solutions to help businesses be at their very best. Depending on your organisational requirements, one solution may be more preferable than others. At Wild-Tech, we help companies just like yours find the right fit from several ERP providers:

  • NetSuite: As Australia’s number-one cloud ERP software solution, NetSuite offers a comprehensive ERP service that is adaptable to a range of industries, turbocharging business performance, visibility and processes. It’s easy to implement, highly scalable and supplies an incredible breadth of data to enable companies to make smart, strategic decisions faster.
  • Oracle: Scalability is the big drawcard for Oracle’s cloud ERP suite. It covers every aspect of your company’s needs and offers a global single-instance experience in the cloud, enabling you to scale well into the future.
  • Microsoft: A technology behemoth, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has deployed an absolute powerhouse of an ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can cater for solo startups right through to large companies with thousands of employees, offering solutions across sales (CRM), field service, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, commerce and HR.


Why you should transform with Wild-Tech

With our vast experience helping businesses adopt the right ERP solutions, we’ve found one thing remains true across all sectors: your approach should lead to the software, rather than the software informing your approach.

Our industry-first approach to business discovery and ERP review means we can support you in navigating an increasingly complex and noisy enterprise-software market. Whether you operate in the retail, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution or a variety of other sectors, we have the tools and expertise to deliver the transformation you are seeking for your business.

If you are ready to engage with an enterprise software expert and transform your organisation with ERP, contact the team at Wild-Tech today or call 1300 360 154.

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