Unpredictability has defined the retail sector in recent years. The pandemic demonstrated the fluidity of market shifts, and showed adaptability is key to survival.  

Retail is arguably under more inflationary pressure than any other sector. Balancing margin and cost is a fine art; ensuring profitability without causing consumer angst.

“We chose Wild Tech because they were able to see the bigger picture behind the challenges facing the business and I felt they’d do whatever it takes to make it work.”
Daniel Whittle
Head of Technology,
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Industry Trends

The retail industry is characterised by its rapidly changing nature, driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements and shifting market dynamics.


Now is the time for retail to recalibrate, take stock and align their growth trajectory with resilience and foresight. Businesses have an opportunity to reset and create a new ethos based on agility, productivity, transparency and insights.

Customer experience is at the forefront of this ongoing evolution, with customer relationship management integral to business sustainability and profitability.

We have an intrinsic understanding of Australian business requirements and the challenges facing both local and international trade.


As companies expand and evolve, legacy systems can hinder transformation. Processes slow and integration restrictions result in siloed departments. 

With continued expansion in mind, growth opportunities for retailers lie in the streamlined, strategic use of technology. 

By combining disparate business elements (such as POS, merchandising and inventory) into one integrated, scalable cloud-based platform, the potential benefits are far-reaching. 

We can help you achieve the digital transformation you are looking for. 

OUR Capabilities IN RETAIL

Streamlined inventory management and fulfillment

Track stock levels, manage replenishment, and optimise inventory across multiple locations, avoiding stock outs, reducing excess inventory, and improving overall fulfillment efficiency.

Integrated shipping functionality

Generate shipping labels, track shipments, and manage logistics from within the ERP system, reducing manual labour and improving fulfillment speed.

Unified B2B and B2C management

Cater to different customer segments and manage different pricing, promotions, and inventory rules in a unified portal, simplifying operations and reducing complexity.

Seamless cross-channel functionality 

Enable seamless cross-channel processes like online purchases with in-store pickup, online returns at physical stores, and in-store orders fulfilled from any location. Bridge the gap between channels and meet the demands of modern consumers.

Revolutionise the in-store experience

Integrate physical and digital shopping experiences, enhance customer engagement and boost sales. Empower your sales team with mobile devices and access to inventory and customer data, drive increased sales, and deliver a satisfying shopping experience.

Growth without constraint

Build a powerful web store with intuitive tools and integrate your web store with your business, ensuring consistency. Manage multiple web stores in one place while enjoying a global presence with multilingual and multi currency and  built-in customs documentation.

Personalisation beyond platform

Deliver a personalised and engaging online experience across any device – desktop, smartphone or tablet. Build brand trust and credibility with a consistent experience and meet your customer where they are.

Amplified marketing potential

Execute highly targeted email campaigns, manage paid and online search, and affiliate marketing. Gain real-time visibility into revenues and ROI for all campaigns with automated upsell and cross-sell functionality.

Centralised order management

Ensure customer satisfaction through seamless buying, fulfillment, and returns across all channels. Consolidate order management and maintain a unified view of inventory throughout the supply chain to exceed customer expectations, enhance profitability and optimise inventory.

Enhanced customer insight

Deliver personalised experiences, track customer preferences, and provide consistent service across all touchpoints with an integrated view of customer data and interactions across brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms, and mobile applications.

Real-time KPIs

With real-time insights into key metrics including sales data, inventory turnover, customer behaviour, and financial metrics, retailers can make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Seamless cross-channel functionality 

Gain end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, collaborate with suppliers, track inventory movement, and manage demand forecasting more effectively, resulting in improved supply chain performance and better decision making.

Pillars For






While agility has always been key to success in retail, the pandemic underscored the importance of being able to pivot overnight.

A culture of business agility will help retailers fine-tune their operational frameworks, but flexibility also needs to be ingrained in IT infrastructure. Businesses need to be able to build strategies around the customer without being restricted by channels.

Modern retailers need modern technology tailored for their unique goals.


Plan for future scalability with cloud-based solutions.


Future-proof your business for expansion and evolution.


Respond quickly and accurately to changes in demand by using Point of Sale (POS) data.


Pivot between JIC and JIT inventory management based on real time data.


Online opportunities for retailers are significant and growing — rapidly. Businesses need to optimise their systems for end-to-end efficiency to unlock the full potential of digital platforms and expand their market share.

Australian retailers can maximise the value of their resources by creating efficiencies. Integrating supplier and customer relationship management into a unified cloud-based platform will drive cost savings and loyalty, without the need for cumbersome, onerous hardware.

The right technology will allow businesses to unlock full value from their capital and relationships.


Gain a competitive advantage by consolidating warehouse management with ERP and CRM.


Tailor picking/packing, inventory and supply chain management to the individual needs of your organisation and customer base.


Integrate your sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to forecasting, order management, fulfilment, and commission.


Pivot between JIC and JIT inventory management based on real time data.


Managing the complexities associated with tracking stock levels across multiple sites and ensuring seamless communication of relevant information between various business departments presents a challenge for many Australian retailers. 

In this context, transparency is a powerful enabler, facilitating efficient operations and promoting collaboration within an organisation.


A fully integrated customer service management solution.


A holistic view of the customer journey, driving improvements in satisfaction, attracting new clientele and lowering service costs.


Actionable insights from every department — from the shop floor and fulfilment, to marketing and finance.


Lowered logistical costs and maximised profit margins with real-time supply chain visibility.


The power of data cannot be understated in its ability to eliminate resource-draining silos and increase visibility across retail operations. Data is the lifeblood of future-minded retail organisations, giving them the ability to forecast, respond and adapt. 

The right technology gives retailers meaningful insights, including exactly what their open-to-buy amount is, so they can make confident, informed purchasing decisions.


Integrate key business functions with real-time data on costs and sales for smarter decision-making.


Visibility into cost-of-goods-sold and key metrics to lead negotiations with suppliers and industry bodies.


Quantify the impact of promotions and merchandising campaigns on sales and profitability.


Power your business with real-time supplier and customer information that enhances visibility.

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