Accelerate Your Business Journey with End-to-End ERP and CRM

Leaders recognise that in order to provide customers with a better experience it is no longer optional for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to be independent of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

These two systems need to be seamlessly integrated.

The Challenge

Navigating the landscape of ERP and CRM integration can prove challenging without expert guidance. While the goal is to harness real-time customer data for enhanced sales opportunities and revenue growth, not all platforms will be suitable for a business’s needs.

Amidst this complexity, the lack of clear transparency regarding the ideal technology partner and platform for your specific industry and unique business needs presents a challenge.

Deciding on the right technology to proceed with can become drawn out and result in decision paralysis, stalling organisational growth.

What We Do

Wild Tech has deep experience with leading CRM and ERP platforms, allowing our team to accurately diagnose, recommend and deliver the optimal solution.

We specialise in:

  • Microsoft D365 Business Central
  • Microsoft D365 CRM
  • Oracle NetSuite

We will own:

  • Scope and process definition
  • A side-by-side platform comparison of functionality and cost analysis, including a fit-gap analysis and cost breakdown
  • Project team and responsibilities
  • Deployment strategy & methodology
  • Timeframes and project plan

Our Capabilities


One size does not fit all. That's why we offer customised ERP and CRM solutions designed to address your unique requirements, processes, and workflows, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.


We design ERP and CRM solutions to scale seamlessly with your business growth, allowing you to add new users, features, and functionalities as your organisation expands, without compromise to performance or data integrity.


Elevate your customer experience through integrated ticketing systems, empowering your team with instant access to comprehensive information, bolstered by the prowess of technologies like Microsoft D365 and Oracle NetSuite.


Redefine your sales and marketing with automated solutions, leveraging data-driven insights from platforms such as Wiise, NetSuite and D365 CRM. Elevate sales forecasting accuracy, streamline customer acquisition costs, and fuel strategic decision-making.


Build stronger relationships with your partners using integrated data portals, harmonising efforts with technologies like D365 CRM and Oracle NetSuite, ensuring alignment towards shared goals.


With a strong local presence, we are available when you need us. Unlike multinational corporations, we seek to understand your business environment, culture, and preferences, delivering personalised ERP and CRM solutions that cater to your specific region's requirements.


Wild Tech works with businesses of all sizes providing full support throughout the entire lifecycle of your cloud ERP and CRM.

Our Capabilities

Case Study

Chrysos goes Wild with NetSuite

Chrysos Corporation, a mining technology company commercialising PhotonAssay, partnered with Wild Tech to enhance their financial platforms and systems. With staff across Australia, North America, and Africa, Chrysos sought a scalable and unified solution for their evolving needs.

After evaluating several ERP systems, Chrysos chose NetSuite for its multi-subsidiary and multi-currency capabilities, supporting their expected hyper-growth.

Benefits oF integrated ERP & CRM

Real-time Customer Data

Equipped with real-time customer data, improve sales efficiency by effectively managing opportunities, leads, and orders.

Seamless Information Flow

Facilitate efficient customer lifecycle management with a seamless flow of information from lead to support.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline processes, automate workflows, and gain real-time access to data for more efficient overall business operations.

Accelerated Growth

Access lead-to-close metrics, customer acquisition costs and lifetime value to align your marketing & sales teams in growth targets.

Enhanced Sales Forecasting

Improve sales forecasting accuracy and build trust in the sales process.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale your operations and adapt to evolving needs, ensuring seamless growth without disruption.


Planning and Preparation

Define project scope, goals, and key stakeholders, and identify modules and data for migration.


Configuration and Customisation

Customise the platform to align with processes, configure settings, workflows and users roles, and develop integrations.


Testing and Validation

Test configurations, engage users in UAT, ensuring the system meets business needs. 


Data Migration and Go-Live

Migrate historical data, implement a comprehensive go-live plan, and launch the platform for active use.


Post-Implementation Support and Optimisation

Provide ongoing user support and continue system monitoring and enhancement.

The Wild Tech

We have a unique focus on transformative thinking. 

We believe the success of transformation initiatives hinges on a holistic approach that considers the entire organisational ecosystem, encompassing people, processes, products and culture. 

Transformation is an ongoing journey without a finite conclusion; it’s an organisational state of mind, each improvement building upon the last, to establish a solid groundwork for continuous adaptation.

We elevate your experience beyond technology, fostering transformative growth.


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