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No one knows Australian industries the way we do, because for decades we’ve always believed that innovation starts with listening. As end-to-end customer transformation partners, we bring the best of all worlds in an agile and personalised offering that is equipped to provide market leading enterprise-grade solutions that scale well into the future.

Ultimately, we take your transformation as seriously as we take our promises.

What we do

Optimise your business with leading digital platforms

Streamline your business process, carefully deliver the correct technology, and continually support and enhance your business moving forward.

Our Approach

Transforming with Wild Tech means working with a rare breed of ERP specialists who have a unique approach to Business Discovery and ERP Review. It's what makes us different and ensures the market-leading platforms we evaluate and recommend are driven by a holistic understanding of your business.

With deep expertise in Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, Construction and Professional Services, our team drives an Industry-First Approach to every partnership. We understand what is required to keep you at the competitive forefront of growth through our in-depth discovery of your business processes, organisational maturity, ecosystem and platforms - all considered in light of the nuances of each software and its ability to deliver the future-proofed platform you need.

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Our Capabilities

We work with you to develop, implement and support business transforming solutions across ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence.

Our end-to-end customised solutions align to industry specific needs and business goals and challenges in order to streamline business processes and drive performance.

Our ongoing partnership can deliver technical support, development, consulting and ERP personalisation to ensure sustained value throughout your ERP transformation journey.

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Our Resources

Browse our range of blog articles and white papers to gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully transition to next-gen cloud-based ERP technology.

We regularly host events. Our webinars cover a range of topics from our ERP specialists and ensure you can leave no stone unturned when making an effective decision to future-proof your business and drive growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud management software offers a multitude of benefits for small, medium and large businesses across a range of verticals. Firstly, a streamlined management software solution allows you to harness company information and insights enabling you to quickly adapt and optimise your operating processes. By engaging a company such as Wild Tech to connect you with a cloud software vendor, you can free up resources both financially and in employee time. As a cloud software provider, we offer flexible packages to ensure you’re equipped with and pay for a software solution that fits your business, trimming any unnecessary IT costs. You can also rely on a robust infrastructure which offers stability, accuracy and security. The Wild Tech team provides round-the-clock support and consultancy to assist your business to operate at peak performance.

Advancement in information technology is happening continually and the ability to adapt is key to retaining a competitive advantage. As part of Wild Tech’s cloud software solutions services, we can offer a Cloud Readiness Assessment. This assessment maps out your current processes and looks at specific business requirements in order to design and develop a software integration plan that works for you. Whether you’re adopting the technology for the first time or you’re looking to enhance and expand your cloud-based IT services, Wild Tech’s consultancy team can support you from the research phase through to ongoing maintenance and management.

We pride ourselves on offering a streamlined service that not only utilises our technical expertise in business software consulting but draws on the Wild Tech team’s vast experience in navigating project and change management. This allows our service offering to incorporate leadership and direction through the entire lifecycle of your cloud management software implementation. While our services and solutions are broad and comprehensive, we recognise that our clients appreciate a single point of contact throughout the process and this is another benefit we offer at Wild Tech.

Yes, we do. Wild Tech works with business enterprises on all levels from SMEs through to large governmental organisations. We provide a unique pricing model that ensures you pay for the services you use, with full transparency on what you’re spending. This allows you to leverage maximum benefit from our offering and measure the performance of your software with confidence.

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