Great technology can change everything. Welcome to Australia’s next generation of digital operating models. 

As end-to-end customer transformation partners, we bring the best of all worlds in an agile and personalised offering that is equipped to provide market leading enterprise-grade solutions that scale well into the future.

Ultimately, we take your transformation as seriously as we take our promises.

Our clients

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


Wild Tech partners with businesses in navigating the digital transformation journey with confidence.

We collaborate closely with your organisation to develop customised digital transformation strategies that align precisely with your unique commercial objectives.

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At Wild-Tech, we have the specialist knowledge and experience to help you achieve end-to-end harmonisation of your business applications.

We achieve this through analysing your processes, your systems, your data, your personnel and aligning this to your business objectives.

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We specialise in innovative thinking and transformative strategies. We are committed to crafting a considered solution that aligns with your goals.

Unlike our larger competitors, we are Agile, Responsive and Flexible in our engagements working across the leading enterprise applications Oracle and Microsoft.


At Wild Tech, we help enterprises move towards seamless AI integration by unlocking the potential of data-driven transformation.

We have a keen focus on ensuring strong protocols are in place around managing, acquiring, merging, cleansing and securing data.

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Centralise and analyse data from multiple sources to gain insights into business performance, trends, and opportunities. 

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From business process analysis and solution design, through to development, implementation and Go-Live support, our experienced team will provide end-to-end program delivery and change management.

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Transformation is an ongoing journey without a finite conclusion; it’s an organisational state of mind, each improvement building upon the last, to establish a solid groundwork for continuous adaptation.

We elevate your experience beyond technology with ongoing managed services.


Most enterprises don’t have the full capabilities and expertise in-house to deliver a digital transformation project.

At Wild Tech, we help you take your projects from inception to completion.

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What Our Customers Say

Customer Stories

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Cheap as Chips

“We chose Wild Tech because they were able to see the bigger picture behind the challenges facing the business and I felt they’d do whatever it takes to make it work.”

Daniel Whittle, Head of Technology, Cheap as Chips

RBM Plastics

“Now that we have all the company profiles under the NetSuite system, we know we can run our finances and it will consolidate numbers across different divisions – that’s where we really see our growth over the next five to six years. We’ve grown organically, perhaps as much as we can, so this will now help with the bottom line to drive ROI and position ourselves to capitalise on further opportunities.”

Alex McWilliam, General Manager, RBM Plastics

RM Surveys

“The guidance from Wild Tech was great. They set us up with weekly meetings and a ticket system, which worked well. We also had a chat channel made available, which helped with all the timely, in-the-moment queries to ensure our business kept moving quickly. We didn’t lose time despite the transition – speed and momentum were always promoted.”

Kyle Downes, Director, RM Surveys


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