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Save time and money without lifting a finger. Automate your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Expense Management with Continia solutions.

Continia Software is a leading provider of scalable add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring full transparency and allowing you to focus on the important stuff.   

Meaningful work begins with Continia. 

Key Solutions

  • Document Capture: Automate your entire Accounts Payable – streamline your invoice process from start to finish.

  • Expense Management: Simplify employee expense reporting and get a real-time overview of employee spending.

  • Document Output: Automate your document distribution – send and manage your outgoing documents easily.

  • Payment Management: Pay your vendors, customers, and employees quickly, and reconcile your bank accounts directly from your Business Central.

  • Electronic Invoicing: Send and receive your e-documents quickly and securely – stay compliant with Continia’s electronic invoicing solutions.

Built Inside 

Continia solutions are BUILT INSIDE your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, saving you time spent on tedious technical tasks, such as setup, maintenance, and updates.


  • Document Capture

    • Automated invoice processing with OCR technology.
    • Three-way matching for order consistency.
    • Digital archive for quick document retrieval.
    • Advanced capture for e-invoices (PDF or XML).
    • Seamless approval workflow.

  • Expense Management

    • Real-time expense tracking.
    • Integration with major credit card providers.
    • Intelligent OCR for accurate data capture.
    • Mileage tracking and per diem creation.
    • Mobile app for on-the-go receipt submission.

  • Document Output

    • Automated document distribution.
    • XML format support for compliance.
    • Ready-to-use email templates.
    • Batch printing and merging PDFs.
    • Secure PDF protection with signatures and passwords.

  • Payment Management

    • Automatic bank statement reconciliation.
    • Secure vendor and employee payments.
    • Detailed posting for easier reconciliation.
    • Approval workflows for payment processing.
    • Automatic vendor IBAN generation.

  • Electronic Invoicing

    • Secure e-document exchange via Peppol Network.
    • Compliance with GDPR and other regulations.
    • Encryption for sensitive data.
    • Direct integration with Business Central.
    • Preferred supplier status for public sector companies.


  • Increased Efficiency

    • Automate manual tasks to save time and reduce errors.
    • Streamline workflows across accounts payable, expense management, and document handling.

  • Enhanced Security

    • Ensure document accuracy and protect sensitive data with secure encryption and compliance features.

  • Cost Savings

    • Reduce implementation and maintenance costs with solutions built inside Business Central.
    • Lower administrative overhead with automated processes.

  • Improved Visibility

    • Gain real-time insights into expenses, payments, and document status.
    • Access a comprehensive digital archive for easy document retrieval.

  • Simplified Compliance

    • Stay compliant with industry regulations through secure electronic invoicing and document handling.
    • Ensure audit trails and reporting processes are efficient and straightforward.

  • User-Friendly Integration

    • Work within your familiar Business Central interface.
    • Quick setup and minimal disruption to existing workflows.

  • Flexible Access

    • Approve documents and expenses from anywhere, anytime.
    • Utilise mobile apps for on-the-go management.


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