White Paper The Mid-Market And AI - How To Overcome Legacy IT And Resourcing Challenges Cover

For the mid-market, AI offers a “great leveller” opportunity – by embracing it, organisations can leverage enterprise-class capabilities, and resources they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and drive unparalleled efficiency and productivity across the operation. 

However, trying to go from “0-100” in adopting AI is a quick way to burn money without seeing the outcomes. The mid-market needs to be strategic in how they approach AI rollouts, looking for opportunities that will return value quickly as they go through the transformation required to drive deeper AI applications. 

This white paper looks at the risks and opportunities facing the mid-market with AI, and highlights the best pathways towards AI adoption for mid-market companies. It also highlights examples of how mid-market spaces that have been traditionally slow to embrace technology – such as manufacturing and logistics – have been able to build a journey towards AI that is already paying dividends.


For mid-market companies, AI is becoming an increasingly important tool for driving innovation and staying competitive. It enhances various aspects of business operations, from streamlining internal processes to boosting sales efforts. 

It’s also becoming far more accessible to the mid-market. Where once any investment in AI would require a massive internal data centre resource and teams working within the organisation on it – making it accessible only to the largest enterprises – Deloitte’s insights show that midsize companies are now embracing AI through cloud-based and SaaS delivery models, making it more accessible and affordable.

Before embarking on AI implementation, it’s crucial for a mid-market organisation to first ensure that it has a strong foundation. The path to successful AI adoption for mid-market businesses is supported by key capabilities such as strategy, talent, culture, governance, technology, and operations. These components work together to create an environment where AI can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

Implementing AI is not a one-time event but a continuous process that requires constant evolution and collaboration within the company. It’s this ongoing effort that unleashes the full potential of AI, turning businesses into nimble innovators that can develop new value propositions. By harnessing data and insights, AI empowers businesses to stand out, remain competitive, and grow.

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