Every digital transformation strategy should align precisely with not only your unique commercial objectives, but the organisational culture driving these business changes into the future. 

The Challenge

Most digital transformations fail, often due to resistance from employees. Only 35% of board directors have achieved or are on track to achieving digital transformation goals. Often this is because organisations consider digital transformation in silos or as limited and conclusive projects, rather than a set of multiple interrelated go-lives, aligned to an overarching strategic direction.

What We Do

We strive to empower businesses through every step of the transformation journey.

With our expertise in digital transformation, we guide you through our Industry-First Approach evaluating all important elements of the transformation process including cloud-based ERP and CRM, automation, infrastructure architecture, change management and AI, ensuring successful integration and optimised performance.

White Paper

Learning to Run: Demystifying Digital Transformation

This white paper explores the foundations required for successful digital transformation and highlights the key considerations organisations must navigate to achieve ongoing and continued innovation. 

Case Study

Old-School Retailer to Digital Powerhouse: The Journey for Cheap as Chips

Cheap as Chips, an Australian discount retailer, embarked on a journey to overcome digital limitations and unlock their full potential. Faced with the hyper-competitive retail sector and increasing customer expectations for omni-channel experiences, Cheap as Chips realised the urgent need for a complete digital overhaul.

With the support of Wild Tech, the company successfully executed a whole-of-business transformation, optimising operations, enhancing decision-making, and achieving substantial cost savings.

Our Capabilities


We work closely with your business to develop a digital transformation strategy that aligns with your unique goals, ensuring a targeted, efficient and user-centric approach to digital adoption.


Identify which platforms & tools are best to integrate.


Seamless adoption of ERP, cloud-based tools, automation, and AI.

Our team will guide you through the digital transformation journey, ensuring smooth implementation of new technologies and solutions, minimising disruptions and maximising outcomes.


Migration, centralisation and managing data for better insights and data-driven decision making at all levels.


Through the integration of digital tools and automation, we streamline and optimise business processes, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing operational complexities, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost savings.


Oversee smooth transitions and user adoption during digital transformation.

We provide change management leadership, ensuring a smooth transition for employees and stakeholders, fostering user acceptance and adoption of new technologies.


Digital transformation is not a single project with a finite conclusion, but an ongoing process of improvement and innovation. We help organisations cultivate a transformation mindset and create the foundations for continual adaptation.

Our Capabilities



Mapping and Planning

Map your existing processes, define project scope, goals, and key stakeholders, and identify modules and data for migration.


Understand Digital Maturity of Your Staff

In re-designing processes with technology, it is crucial to consider the people using it.


Establish a Feasible Budget

We have a strong appreciation for the financial realities of technology projects and will help you shape a feasible budget. 


Select the Right Platform

Based on your industry, business requirements, digital maturity of staff and budget, we will recommend the right cloud platform for your digital transformation. 


Future-Proof for Business Growth

End-to-end implementation of the solution with guided user training and ongoing support to ensure the system scales with growth. 

The Wild Tech

We have a unique focus on transformative thinking. 

We believe the success of transformation initiatives hinges on a holistic approach that considers the entire organisational ecosystem, encompassing people, processes, products and culture. 

Transformation is an ongoing journey without a finite conclusion; it’s an organisational state of mind, each improvement building upon the last, to establish a solid groundwork for continuous adaptation.

We elevate your experience beyond technology, fostering transformative growth.


Streamlined Business Processes

Integrate digital solutions for improved operational efficiency, enhanced collaboration and optimised resource utilisation.

Customised Digital Transformation Strategies

Tailored digital transformation strategies aligned with your goals and objectives.

Better Insights and Data-Driven Decisions

Centralised data management facilitates improved insights, leading to more informed decision-making.

Improved Customer Engagement

Elevate consumer engagement through digital channels, leading to better customer experiences.

Seamless Adoption

Guided implementation ensures successful integration of digital tools, a smooth transition and fast user adoption.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our solutions accommodate your future business growth and evolving needs, with the ability to scale up or down.


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