The way we produce and consume is changing. A shift towards advanced manufacturing brings with it equal weight in opportunity and challenge. 

Geopolitical tensions, governmental regulations, environmental policies, supply chain upheaval –  it’s a volatile landscape for even the most established manufacturers, with potentially major implications for cycle times, throughput and Return on Assets.

An evolving market requires innovative inventory management, new sourcing strategies and decision making informed with real-time data.

Case Study

Taking a legacy of manufacturing excellence into the future

For more than half a century, RBM Plastics has specialised in custom plastic profiles and extrusions. A privately owned family company, it’s become one of the largest plastic extrusion manufacturers in Australia. So when demand for their products and services tripled in recent years, leadership realised they needed to invest in technology – rather than more back-office staff – in order to meet growing needs. Here’s how Wild Tech worked to understand RBM Plastics’ unique operating environment, before sourcing and implementing the ideal software technology solution.

Industry Trends

Lacking resilience, many manufacturers are collapsing under the weight of global factors:


A dynamic landscape demands equally dynamic enterprises. As a future-focused manufacturer, you need a technology partner who deeply understands your organisation and injects insight-driven innovation.

Wild Tech is your end-to-end business partner for success in improving maximum throughput, deliver superior product quality, improve cost efficiency and expand into new markets.


We take a top-down approach to ERP business transformation, from procurement and supply chains, to target tracking and financials. From sales to delivery, accounting through to people. No aspect of your company remains unoptimised.

Our manufacturing solutions have been informed by experience and collaboration with industry leaders, designed to alleviate modern challenges and equip you to respond to issues including supply chain disruption, skills and materials shortages, and shifting consumer preferences.

OUR CapabilitieS

Demand Forecasting and Planning

Use ERP’s data-driven demand forecasting capabilities to make more accurate demand planning, reducing inventory carrying costs, and minimising stockouts.

Production Planning

Plan and schedule production processes, considering resources and lead times, enhancing production efficiency, reducing downtime and optimising resources.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels, stock movement, and reorder points in real-time, improving inventory control, reduced stockouts, and minimising excess inventory costs.

Supplier Management 

Streamline supplier management, enabling better supplier collaboration, improved negotiation power, and reduced supply chain risks.

Shop Floor Control

Gain real-time monitoring and control of production processes on the shop floor, resulting in better production control, and faster issue response.

Multi-Plant Management

Manage multiple manufacturing plants or locations from a centralised system, resulting in streamlined operations, standardised processes, and better overall visibility.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Leverage robust reporting and data analysis tools in ERP to make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities for improvement, and engage in strategic planning.

Quality Control and Compliance

Integrate quality control processes, ensuring adherence to product quality standards, resulting in consistent product quality, reduced defects, and increased customer satisfaction.

Financial Management

Integrate financial processes, including accounting, budgeting, and cost control, leading to enhanced financial visibility, accurate cost analysis, and improved financial decision-making.

Enhanced customer insight

Deliver personalised experiences, track customer preferences, and provide consistent service across all touchpoints with an integrated view of customer data and interactions across brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms, and mobile applications.

Real-time KPIs

With real-time insights into key metrics including sales data, inventory turnover, customer behaviour, and financial metrics, retailers can make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Seamless cross-channel functionality 

Gain end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, collaborate with suppliers, track inventory movement, and manage demand forecasting more effectively, resulting in improved supply chain performance and better decision making.

Pillars For






Your manufacturing business needs to be able to respond quickly to emerging opportunities and challenges. A growing combination of global influences demand your company to be swift and responsive to any and every scenario.

Today’s manufacturers must prioritise:

Efficient Response

Manufacturers must respond quickly to fluctuating demands and scenarios in the global marketplace.

Streamline Processes

Simplified business processes reduce complexities and increase productivity.

Cloud-Based Scalability

Success in the manufacturing industry depends on the ability to scale processes with ease.

Complete Control

Control over component production and demand-driven capacity planning is vital for sustainable growth.


Manufacturers are consistently expected to exceed standards in quality, design and function, but in accelerated timeframes and shorter lead times. Today’s manufacturer needs to be able to reduce inefficient processes and achieve more with less.

Enhance your productivity with:

Resource Optimisation

Get more out of your resources and maximise throughput with greater efficiency.

Workforce Scaling

Scale your workforce capabilities, ensuring you have the skills and capacity to meet growing production demands.

Demand Management

Fine-tune your production scheduling and forecasting processes, aligning production with market needs.

Speed to Market

Capitalise on emerging opportunities swiftly and gain a competitive advantage.


Complete business transparency is integral to enabling efficient processes and communication. Modern manufacturers need full visibility of work in progress (WIP), product quality, material sourcing, labour and safety practices. 

Elevate your processes with:

360-Degree Visibility

Gain 360-degree visibility across key functions including finance, purchasing, sales, distribution, and operations.

Seamless Communications

Facilitate seamless information flows to enhance communication and collaboration among your teams.

Actionable Insights

With access to actionable insights, you can improve and empower every facet of your manufacturing operation.

Partner Integration

Integrate with your freight and logistics partners to gain a complete end-to-end view of production.


Real-time data analysis, holistic visibility and autonomous monitoring are no longer ‘nice-to-haves’ but crucial for success. However, data is often scattered across departments. Silos in production, purchasing, marketing and accounting prevent you from realising the full potential of your data. 

Unlock the full potential of data with:

Single Source of Truth

Access real-time information and key performance indicators through a single, reliable source of truth for better decision-making.

Real-time Predictive Analytics

Enable faster and more informed decision-making by understanding shifts in real-time.

Global Access

Access insights from any device, anywhere, to stay informed with key metrics and dynamic data.


Power your business with real-time supplier, production and customer information that enhances visibility.

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