Digital transformation is poised to add up to $13 trillion to the global economy, but how truly ready are enterprises to take full advantage of the opportunity?

Enterprise readiness with AI comes down to two particular factors:

  1. Technical readiness – does the enterprise have internal systems and structures in place that can run AI systems to the maximum capability? For many enterprises that have legacy technology, the technical readiness will often be low, and full-scale AI adoption can only occur following a transformation exercise to move beyond legacy technology.

  2. Cultural readiness – is the enterprise – including all key stakeholders – aligned behind the vision for AI. Enterprises often need to run a change management programme to ensure that there’s an understanding of the objectives and applications of AI in the workplace. 

This whitepaper explores the idea of AI maturity in the workplace, and how resources are not the only consideration for enterprises in embarking on an AI journey. 


For enterprises, AI is a critical driver of innovation and growth. It supports everything from efficiencies across the organisation right through to supercharging the sales process. For example, Gartner predicts that by 2028, as much as 60 per cent of seller work will be executed through generative AI sales technologies.

However, before diving into AI implementation, organisations must first establish a solid foundation. The journey towards successful AI adoption is underpinned by essential enterprise capabilities such as strategy, talent, culture, governance, technology, and operations. These elements collectively lay the groundwork for AI to flourish within an organisation.

AI integration is not a one-off project; it is a continuous journey that demands ongoing adaptation and collaboration across the organisation. It is this sustained effort that unlocks AI’s full potential, transforming businesses into agile entities capable of innovating and creating new value propositions. By leveraging data and insights, AI enables businesses to differentiate themselves, stay competitive, and achieve growth in the market.

Moreover, enterprise AI integration is instrumental in nurturing a learning organisation. Such an organisation is characterised by its continuous adaptation and improvement of processes and outcomes, fostering a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and feedback. This dynamic environment encourages employees to explore new ideas and approaches, leading to enhanced performance and productivity.

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