Reimagine, Redefine: Discover the Boundless Power of Cloud

Cloud software has revolutionised how businesses operate and innovate. As organisations increasingly adopt more and more cloud-based platforms to increase productivity, the need to seamlessly integrate these systems becomes paramount.

We recognise the transformative power of real-time, 360 degree visibility achieved through cloud integration, and we are passionate about guiding businesses through this multifaceted and complex journey.

The Challenge

There are clear, recurring themes that we see impact the success of cloud integration projects.

The key challenges to acknowledge & remediate early on in a project are:

  • Lack of well-defined business objectives
  • Lack of comprehensive planning prior to the integration process
  • Lack of understanding of cloud security & compliance requirements 

In fact, 55% of business’ report challenges due to a lack of well-defined business objectives with 42% of businesses attributing a project’s failure to poor planning. 

What We Do

We live and breathe cloud integration, so you don’t have to.

From assessment to deployment, we’ll ensure your transition to a cloud ERP platform is a success, setting you up with a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure that helps your business compete today and thrive tomorrow.

From business process analysis and solution design, through to development, implementation and Go-Live support, our experienced team will provide end-to-end advice along your journey. 

We will help you to develop a single source of truth with 360 degree visibility of your business.

Case Study


RM Surveys, a licensed-surveyors company, was struggling with outdated ERP software and manual processes hindering growth. 

Partnering with Wild Tech, they embarked on a transformation journey to leverage Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based capabilities. The shift to Oracle NetSuite has positioned them for continued digitisation and future expansion, aligning technology with their evolving needs and propelling them towards a more efficient, cloud-based future.

Our Capabilities


Our cloud migration and integration services offer tailored strategies aligned with your business objectives, ensuring a seamless transition to cloud-based solutions that unlock new potential for growth and innovation.


We offer end-to-end implementation services for various platforms, including NetSuite, Microsoft, WIISE, providing comprehensive solutions that maximise the benefits of cloud computing.


We guide organisations through the entire cloud migration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition, while deploying cloud-based tools and applications to enhance operational agility and effectiveness.


Our team continuously monitors and fine-tunes cloud performance, ensuring optimal system efficiency, scalability, and responsiveness, which empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional user experiences.


Our cloud strategies are embedded with business intelligence so you can be responsive and agile in a dynamic market. Through data analytics, we help you unlock untapped potential, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.


With our cloud solutions, businesses can tap into the power of advanced technologies, such as AI and data analytics, to unlock untapped potential, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Our Capabilities


Cost Savings

Reduced IT costs by eliminating the need for in-house resources and hardware maintenance.

Scalable and Flexible

Easily add users as the business grows while allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Enhanced Decision-making

Cloud-integrated apps offer access to real-time updates and insightful data visualisations, empowering informed business decisions.

Managed Services

Third-party management of applications and hardware maintenance frees your team from time-consuming maintenance.

Tailored Solutions

We match your business with suitable cloud providers and develop a tailored solution to meet your specific business needs.

Secure Data Storage

We help you choose the right cloud vendor, ensuring regular file backups, minimising downtime risk, and providing best-in-class data security.


Planning and Preparation

Define project scope, goals, and key stakeholders, and identify modules and data for migration.


Configuration and Customisation

Customise the platform to align with processes, configure settings, workflows and users roles, and develop integrations.


Testing and Validation

Test configurations, engage users in UAT, ensuring the system meets business needs. 


Data Migration and Go-Live

Migrate historical data, implement a comprehensive go-live plan, and launch the platform for active use.


Post-Implementation Support and Optimisation

Provide ongoing user support and continue system monitoring and enhancement.

The Wild Tech

We have a unique focus on transformative thinking. 

We believe the success of transformation initiatives hinges on a holistic approach that considers the entire organisational ecosystem, encompassing people, processes, products and culture. 

Transformation is an ongoing journey without a finite conclusion; it’s an organisational state of mind, each improvement building upon the last, to establish a solid groundwork for continuous adaptation.

We elevate your experience beyond technology, fostering transformative growth.


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