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Wild Tech is an organisation built on excellence. We know that everything we do has direct impact on our customers overall profitability. We've teamed up with NetSuite Corporation to provide the strongest possible infrastructure to support our solutions. We offer the most complete and comprehensive solutions across a range of industries to help your business performance, visibility and processes.

Why choose us?


We deliver value by providing the strategic link between finance, IT, operations and business strategy, providing a synergy for your technology and your people.


We believe in complete collaboration with our customers. We have a team focus, always sharing knowledge and information to ensure great outcomes. We support our partners every step of the way to help deliver on their goals.


We are dedicated to creating a truly superior customer experience for our customers by using the latest and best technologies combined with our extensive industry experience.

NetSuite benefits

Make smarter, faster decisions using the world's most deployed cloud ERP solution.

NetSuite provides cloud financials, CRM, ecommerce, HCM and professional services automation management for all organisations from fast-growing mid tier to large global organisations. In addition, each element of NetSuite is modular, enabling it to be deployed and integrated as required with existing platforms and investments.

Easy access to all data

No matter where or when, a ‘single point of truth’ of data is always available enabling fast response to trends and better strategic decision making.

Easy to scale

The number of users can expand with the business locally or globally. It is also easy to make use of wider functionality as needed.

Easy to implement

Using best practices from experience with over 40,000 clients, the solution can be implemented rapidly and easily.

Easy on expenditure

Costs are annual licence based avoiding carrying capital costs on the balance sheet and delivering fast return on investment meaning no infrastructure costs, no expensive IT specialists, no costs to upgrade.

Easy to access

Can be accessed from most devices anytime, anywhere, ideal for modern businesses with people in multiple locations, traveling or working offsite.

Easy end-to-end management

Simplifies procurement with a complete procure-to-pay process comprising workflow management, approvals, vendor self-service and payment

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NetSuite partners across Australia and internationally have worked with thousands of organisations from startups and emerging businesses to corporate blue-chip companies to integrate NetSuite modules such as ERP and CRM as a platform for their operations management. Well-known global brand adopters of Oracle’s award-winning cloud software include Deliveroo, GoPro and Siemens.

Our cloud software pricing solutions are flexible to suit your business. A NetSuite consultant will work with you to refine your overall product and service package. You can contact us to speak to one of our software business consultants for a more detailed outline of Wild Tech’s pricing model following a tailored review of your business requirements..

The capabilities of NetSuite are vast and can offer a multitude of benefits to your business including improved efficiencies, valuable sales insights and streamlined processes both in Australia and to your offshore business arms if applicable. As a summary of NetSuite’s functionality, we’ve outlined a number of its core features:


CRM – Oracle NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management software allows you to delve into your consumer data to make strategic decisions and develop your business offering. With a cloud-based CRM, customer information is in real-time and you can automate marketing processes as well as track events through the entire customer lifecycle.


ERP – Cloud-based ERP software from NetSuite offers the highest levels of flexibility for your business to embrace and harness the data available to capture through one succinct platform. All departments within your organisation can use a single point of access to review data from Purchasing to Research and Development teams.


Finance and Accounting – NetSuite’s financial software arm combines power with agility and intuition to enable users to manage all aspects of their firms’ monetary processes under one cloud-based umbrella. From customer billing through to supply chain management and procurement, the software enables seamless financial management and reporting as well as the capability to simultaneously address risk and compliance. 


HR – Managing human capital is a vital part of any organisation and NetSuite offers SuitePeople as a solution to a wide range of HR processes. It provides a central system for employees at all sites of an organisation whether domestic or international. Role-based permissions allow the opportunity for the delegation to line managers as well as the security of sensitive personal information. Onboarding new employees, managing annual leave requests and recording absences can all be completed through NetSuite’s cloud-based HR platform. 

Yes. As part of our cloud software services, we offer expert cloud software consulting to ensure your chosen business management system is working at its peak capacity to aid the performance of your organisation. We will make recommendations on a customised cloud software package based on the individual requirements and processes of your business. During an initial assessment and consultation period, Wild Tech will look at the industry you operate in, the size of your business and what needs can best be served using the suite of platforms available from us as an Oracle partner. 

Although the exact duration of the cloud software implementation will depend on your specific requirements, the Wild Tech team is adept at ensuring a swift and efficient transition with minimal disruption. As trusted NetSuite integration partners, you can be confident in a professional implementation experience delivered by consultants who are certified in the latest Oracle software solutions.

At Wild Tech, we recognise the importance of a streamlined experience when it comes to your organisation’s business software integration and day to day operation. As part of our Managed Services, you’ll benefit from round-the-clock support year-round so you will have peace of mind that help is available whether you’re building up to your peak sales period at Christmas or you’re busy preparing your end of year financial reports. 

Switching to a cloud-based system should be as smooth as possible and gaining employees’ buy-in and confidence in using the new software is crucial. As part of our consultancy services, the Wild Tech team can deliver training to support the education of your employees, therefore ensuring you’re gaining the maximum return on your cloud software investment. You can call or email to discuss your organisation’s individual requirements. 

As one of Australia’s leading business software suppliers, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to our clients that exceed expectations. We understand that choosing the right cloud management system is critical to your business growth and equally, choosing the best NetSuite implementation partner is vital too. That’s why we pride ourselves in having the most talented team of any solutions software company in Australia. As well as the opportunity to access round-the-clock support, we will work with you to carve out the most effective and affordable package for your business. If you’re in the process of shortlisting business software vendors to provide NetSuite integration, you can call to speak to one of our experienced consultants today. We can provide testimonials from referenceable organisations who’ve engaged our services to pursue their business growth plans and seen those plans come to fruition with the help of Wild Tech.