Whether you’re looking to transition to ecommerce or improve your online presence, there are three key areas organisational leaders need to focus on for success which we unpack in this white paper:


1. Crafting the customer experience

The purchase experience can be make-or-break for some; with the majority of customer interactions now moving online, the quality of the digital experience can have a significant impact on a distributor’s bottom line.


2. Improve Online Operations

Moving sales operations online can quickly bring operational issues to the surface. Disconnects between systems or lengthy, manual processes can end up slowing down orders or leading to frustrations for both customers and employees.


3. Balancing Business and Consumer

Following the economic changes COVID-19 created, many traditionally B2B businesses looked to a direct-to-consumer approach to fill the gap in their distribution networks. Now that restrictions are easing, some may be wondering how to juggle this newfound channel and make it part of a long-term strategy.


How can wholesale distributors and manufacturers manage their businesses better online?

For many wholesale distributors and manufacturers, relying on the same traditional channels is no longer a viable option. Recent physical distancing limits and lockdown measures changed the way they could do business, compounding ongoing changes in industry trends. Many traditional wholesale channels, like trade shows or even showrooms are less viable.

Those that are able to manage distribution online can see a huge advantage in not just sales, but business continuity.

This has only been heightened during the response to lockdown measures, with almost 90% of B2B sales moving to a remote sales model since the start of the pandemic. Many changes made to business models during this period will be adopted as the new status quo; 93% of businesses in APAC are likely to sustain shifts to sales models for more than a year after COVID-19.

Wholesale distributors and manufacturers have not only the potential to support business continuity during restrictions but stay on the front foot of B2B trends well into the future. Businesses in Asia Pacific and Japan can now manage their businesses online, connect with customers and improve operations.

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