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Wild tech delivers the most complete and comprehensive ERP and wholesale distribution solution for small to medium companies whilst ensuring that they maximise their return on investment.


Advantages of cloud-based software


Providing a dynamic, user friendly platform designed for all users with the ability to accessed at any time from any device


With the ability to quickly and effortlessly add functionality as a business expands and evolves its capabilities.


Deliver a single-source of the truth and provides instantaneous insights into key performance indicators for a unified and holistic view of the organisation.


Provide a seamless brand experience by combining all systems from order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials and customer service.

Transform your operation with

• Unified Visibility and control of your key business areas - finance, purchasing, sales, distribution, and service
• The ability to improve your position in the value chain improving collaboration and relationships with your business partners
• eCommerce sales capability
• A simple and fast point of sale solution
• Complete demand management, advanced planning and forecasting
• Ensure rapid implementation to give quick ROI
• Support for warehouse management including PDA and handheld device integration


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We are a technology agnostic, agile consultancy focused exclusively on implementing leading solutions to Australian Manufacturing, Retail and Supply chain organisations.

With decades of experience implementing top-tier platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, SAP Business One in the industries we have aligned, we are uniquely positioned to provide your business with impartial advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating your supply chain and channel management to your Cloud will transform your distribution and supply chain process, modernising your operations and accelerating your business.

With a Cloud-Based Business Software such as Netsuite, distributors have the ability to run their business on a single unified platform. This reduces IT running costs, automates operations across the demand and su

At its most fundamental level, a supply chain management system (SCM) is a framework used to manage the entire flow of a wholesale distribution business. 

Wholesale distribution software offers customers a single system to manage their entire business operations, from shipping & logistics to finance account management. Since most wholesale distribution chains share similar operations and processes regardless of the product they’re manufacturing and selling, a SCM streamlines every aspect of supply chain planning, including:

  • Sales & marketing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Pick, packing, and shipping
  • Account and financial management
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) 
  • Business insights


Wholesale management software provides businesses in the supply & logistics industry to have far more control over their operations – boosting warehouse efficiency, reducing inventory overheads, and delivering customisable shopping and shipping options to customers. 

Supply chain management has the power to increase a businesses revenue by encouraging a stronger, more reliable, and efficient supply chain. With a single dashboard, you are able to manage your inventory to find the right balance between too much stock/too little stock, automate supply and pay agreements, reduce distribution errors, and settle payments.

Having a distribution strategy reduces the complexities of cross border logistics and mitigating the pressures of supply and demand. With an ERP SCM, managing day-to-day business operations from warehouse to customer is much more achievable than running a supply chain without a measured plan or distribution solution. Therefore, choosing the best ERP software for wholesale distributors can make all the difference in the longevity of your business.

With the leaps and bounds in technology and an ever-increasing globally connected world, today’s modern supply chain no longer has the same linear function it used to have.

The invention of the Internet and eCommerce has made the supply chain a multi-faceted industry, where demand is placed upon them 24/7. An advanced supply chain as exists today calls for a demand-driven supply strategy that can successfully integrate the entire supply chain and distribution process with efficiency and reliability.

The supply chain today needs wholesale distribution software more than ever so that businesses can manage their operational success and adapt to today’s consumer-led market. A technology-driven business that relies on distribution ERP software has a much better chance at accurately fulfilling customer needs and expectations.

While SCMs have always been about increasing the efficiency of a business, supply chains these days also have to factor in customers when implementing their supply chain SCM strategy. For distributors, it’s no longer about getting a product to a customer. It is now about doing everything – from picking to packaging and transporting – right, all the time every time.

If there’s a break in your supply chain, it can affect your entire operation and profitability. Customers are spoilt for choice. They are now used to expecting high levels of customisation and predict that their needs are met each and every time. Distributors must ensure these needs are consistently met and have the agility to reconfigure their supply chain to meet these expectations and remain compliant to legal mandates as well as mitigating any changes or unexpected events in the supply chain to prevent any losses.

Wholesale distributors may wish to explore ERP software to automate their supply chain process and reap the benefits that this will provide. 

Microsoft, the most advanced distribution solution, is a sophisticated app that takes an integrated approach to your business operations. The Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool empowers businesses of any size to achieve a scalable solution for all their core business functions. For wholesale distribution, Microsoft includes important functions to further enhance shipping and logistics. This includes tracking integration, payroll management, eTrade, RF Smart for Warehouse Automation, vendor management, and multi-location supply planning. 

Planning your supply chain is a delicate process, and using a combination of Microsoft techniques and strategies can help to easily balance demand and supply and give you unprecedented control over your entire supply chain.

The Microsoft wholesale distribution edition delivers end to end functionality, helping you manage everything from sales to warehouse management and more. On the dashboard, you receive a 360-degree view of your customers, orders, inventory, picking, deliveries, vendors, and more. These insights will give you the ability to define pricing levels, inventory reorder points, and accurately reflect the entry of price calculations on transactions to reduce error and improve supply chain efficiency. 

Microsoft understands customers. The Control Tower Snapshot on the app interface provides a global time phase view reflecting your current and future inventory and makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot any potential issues. Each location where you store your inventory can be set up within the parameters to give you unprecedented control over your entire global supply chain. 

If your manufacturing takes place across multiple locations, wholesale ERP software such as Microsoft can help you communicate with manufacturers and suppliers in real-time and help you to orchestrate transactions with ease. 

Since an ERP and CRM software solution is built in the Cloud, it is accessible from any device, anywhere. This is critical for wholesale distributors, as most distribution centres are spanned across multiple locations and can vary in size and complexity. This collaborative platform provides informative and instantaneous communication between everyone in the supply chain and includes both vendor and customer portals.

Microsoft is the ERP solution to improve your businesses performance and embrace the functions you need to keep pace with the growing demands of complex supply chains distribution strategy.

Wild Tech is your trusted Australian Microsoft partner. Our team can implement the best ERP software for wholesale distributors nation-wide, including all major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. 

We have extensive experience in helping businesses of all sizes develop a complete end-to-end system to give them a competitive edge. Our support services team is available any time to troubleshoot any issues you may face, and we also have in-house teams ready to provide you with the help and advice you need. 

Microsoft offers a modern, Cloud-based ERP solution that has helped more than 20,000 customers and has cemented itself as Australia’s Powerhouse Cloud Business Software Suite. ERP solutions can be used for any business in any industry, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profit. 

Our teams expertly implement Microsoft to your business Cloud, as well as provide you assistance in technical, functional, and industry knowledge so that you can get the best out of your ERP system supply chain strategy. With the implementation of the Microsoft system, Wild Tech aims to help your business overcome challenges, minimise risk,  and deliver sustainable growth even with the complexities of a modern supply chain and an increased workload

Wild Tech delivers unparalleled Cloud-based solutions for your organisation across all facets of the Microsoft lifecycle including Implementation, Development, Integration, Training and Support. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with an advanced distribution solution, then contact us and request a guided demo product today.