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Material requirements planning and production scheduling functionality is notoriously difficult to incorporate into ERP systems, mostly because they are extremely complex areas of resource planning and the processes involved are unique to each individual manufacturing facility.

For these reasons, much of the production planning software that has been developed has been quite generic in nature. However, NetSuite has created production planning and control modules for its cloud-based ERP platform that can be customised to suit the needs of manufacturers in many different ways.

With the help of our expert development team, you can have a fully functional ERP production planning solution that is designed specifically for your requirements and manufacturing processes.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation to discuss the various solutions we have available and the requirements you would like us to fulfil, please call or email us whenever convenient. Alternatively, you can use the contact form to request a call back from one of our ERP consultants. 

NetSuite production management software features 

As you would expect from the leading production management and scheduling software in Australia, NetSuite’s production planning system is a fully-featured, cloud-based module that offers businesses the opportunity to rationalise their manufacturing planning in a way no other software can. The level of control that this planning and scheduling software provides will enable your company to make meaningful improvements in the areas that have the biggest influence on the efficiency of your production activities. 

  • Sales/demand forecasting – Whether you manually import sales forecasts that were created elsewhere in your corporate ERP system or use the built-in functionality to calculate future demand based on historical data, NetSuite’s planning and production scheduling software module is designed to make the task of predicting future demand a much simpler one to complete.
  • Material Requirements Planning – Through the analysis of BOMs for each product that you manufacture and precise monitoring of inventory, your NetSuite manufacturing planning software will enable you to automatically generate orders in a timely manner, ensuring that you have adequate stock levels at all times.
  • Production Scheduling – At the heart of the production schedule software included in this module is a cutting-edge scheduling engine that can generate unique production run codes to ensure resource availability when needed. The engine also makes it easy to ensure that you utilise your production capacity in the most effective way possible, no matter what the current demand may be. 

Choose Wild Tech to deliver your new planning and manufacturing scheduling software and you can look forward to industry-leading support at every stage, plus the opportunity to enhance and customise the NetSuite module to suit your specific requirements, as outlined below. 

Manufacturing production software tailored to meet your needs

As we mentioned already, many production plan software applications that have been created over the years have been rather generic, in an effort to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Whilst this type of developmental approach is understandable, it did little to satisfy the needs of manufacturing companies in Australia. But now, with the ability to enhance and customise it to suit your specific requirements, NetSuite’s production planning and scheduling software has addressed the concerns of manufacturers across the country. Whether you’re in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Darwin, Wild Tech can build a system based on NetSuite’s module that is perfect for your manufacturing plant. 

Why our production planning software?

A core part of our services involves the development and implementation of ERP modules for individual companies across Australia, including manufacturing planning and production calendar software that is designed to cater to unique use cases. It is an area in which we excel, thanks to our talented team of highly-experienced and accredited developers, and the commitment of every member of staff to providing our customers with solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. For this reason and others, we have become the solutions provider of choice for many manufacturers in Australia. 

If you are looking for a cloud-based solution with a full set of production planning tools, which can do everything from creating a new manufacturing schedule to generating orders for materials when needed, a custom NetSuite solution from Wild Tech is the obvious option. 

If you would like us to get started on your cloud-based scheduling and planning software, get in touch with us today. In the first instance, we can tell you more about the possibilities offered by NetSuite’s customisable software, find out exactly what you need and prepare a quotation for your consideration.


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