A integrated snapshot of your business

ERP offers a cloud based, scalable solution that can help to run all of your key operational and financial business processes; from comprehensive financial management and planning capabilities, including advanced revenue management and billing solutions, to inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions.

Benefits of ERP

Key Benefits


Designed for innovative and evolving businesses, with global financial functionality to enable customers to streamline their critical business processes.


Get real-time insights into key performance indicators for a holistic view of the organisation and a single source of truth.


Gain the ability to rapidly and easily add functionality as the business evolves.


Experience remarkable enhancements in efficiency and overall productivity with ERP solutions. Eliminate repetition in business processes and tedious manual tasks.

Key Features of ERP Solutions

Financial Management

Financial Planning

Order Management

Production Management

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse and Fulfillment



A tailored solution for your industry

We work across a wide range of industry verticals and tailor our solutions to the requirements for each of these to help drive the most successful outcomes. Each industry is different and requires different solutions. Our team provide excellent in depth knowledge and experience to understand your industry priorities.

NetSuite ERP Systems Solutions

Wild Tech provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for businesses in Australia. Our ERP software delivers a more streamlined solution for all operational processes within the manufacturing and construction industries. Cloud ERP software allows for smarter planning, clearer insights, and measurable improvements within your enterprise.

An ERP platform puts all your business-critical data at your fingertips. The fully-integrated cloud-based system helps to optimise your daily operations, lower operational costs, and oversee financial management processes all in the one place.

By utilising the power of ERP cloud computing, you can gain the industry depth your business requires to run smoothly and effectively. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates all your vital business operations into a single, easy-to-use platform. ERP platforms are cloud-integrated, meaning all data, insights, processes, and real-time exchanges can be accessed by multiple devices over a single network or via the internet.

An ERP platform provides businesses with a solution to enhancing the efficiency of their vital operations. Everything from financials, supply chain management, inventory, customer relationship management, orders, and communication between departments can be accessed and processed in the one platform. 

ERP cloud computing makes it easier for managers and personnel to communicate and run each department more effectively. Without an integrated system, businesses can experience wasted time, opportunities, and money. An inadequate business solution strategy can slow down productivity and reduce a businesses ability to grow. 

Essentially, ERP software is your one-stop destination for cross-departmental solutions. By having real-time collaboration, businesses can pinpoint exactly what is working and what’s not. This way, managers or CEO’s can get a holistic view of their organisation and review key performance indicators to help evolve their business and how it’s run. 

The benefits of ERP system software includes:

  • Real-time, on-demand access to business data and information across every department
  • Improved communication between personnel and greater collaboration, as your people will be able to exchange information in the one place, any time.
  • A complete view of your business and operations – built-in business intelligence gives you KPI’s from every chain in the link
  • Improved productivity and accuracy. With financial management solutions, you will spend less time and resources on tedious manual tasks.
  • Better customer service. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is often built into an ERP, allowing your customer sales team to improve communication and response times with customers and clients. 
  • Scalable to your business. An ERP program is completely scalable, meaning you can quickly add or remove functions as your business evolves.

ERP business software empowers businesses of all sizes and across all industries. 

Having an ERP cloud computing solution gives your business an advantage by simplifying time-consuming decisions and automating complicated business processes. Data collection, financial management, process optimisation – these are all key procedures within any business. By having one fully-integrated system controlling these processes, you can enhance the parts of the business that are working, and improve the parts where it’s not.

Having a single data hub eliminates any chance of miscommunication between departments and any disconnections within the organisation. 

With ERP software, teams and employees no longer have to maintain standalone applications or rely on outdated forms of communication or documentation. This reduces the chance of misinformation or having to chase up on vital information. With ERP, all data, records, documents, information, and reports are compiled and stored in a single hub. This also ensures that all business data and records are completely up-to-date and accurate, and readily available to the relevant party or stakeholders. 

Key business functions found in ERP software that can assist key business processes include:

  • Financial management and planning capabilities. 
  • CRM module to provide a clear flow of information between the business and its customers.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) to bring an accurate, 360-degree view of the business. ERP will provide you a dashboard with all insights and KPI’s for an easy overview of how your business is performing in each department and as a whole.
  • Inventory Management System to process order fulfilment and track warehouse inventory. 
  • Training support to allow managers or managers to assign training sessions and courses to employees. 
  • The flexibility to add to business functions relative to your industry and needs.

Deployment of ERP cloud computing means greater efficiency and growth for your business. There are different types of ERP software available, but Wild Tech recommends NetSuite ERP.

NetSuite ERP offers a broad range of ERP solutions and is designed for all evolving and innovative businesses. NetSuite is Australia’s #1 Cloud Business Software Suite. It delivers a cloud-based solution that is scalable to every business type and size. 

Wild Tech with NetSuite ERP can offer both cloud and on-site deployment, ensuring that you are getting the most cost-effective and viable solution for your company. 

A quality ERP solution such as NetSuite will help you lower costs and release the need for expensive updates and IT support. As a Cloud-based system, NetSuite keeps their software current with regular automatic updates and minimal disruption. Another crucial factor when choosing ERP software in Australia is security. NetSuite ERP models its security and risk management processes in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is in compliance with Australian and global financial regulations. With NetSuite ERP, you can be assured that your business vital-data is safe and secure with round-the-clock security monitoring and numerous intrusion detection systems to block malicious attacks. 

NetSuite ERP software integrates all functions of a business operation, facilitating the flow of information across all internal and external departments and stakeholders. 

Key features of the NetSuite ERP include:

  • Financial planning & management 
  • Order management
  • Production management
  • Supply chain management
  • Warehouse and fulfilment
  • Procurement

More than 20,000 companies across 200 countries rely on NetSuite for the smooth running of their business operations.

NetSuite is designed to expand as your business grows, meaning it can handle small start-ups all the way through to global enterprise corporations. Unlike other ERP systems, NetSuite caters to ALL industries with a robust suite of products, apps, and modules to support multiple demands and needs. 

Lastly, with 24/7 support including specialist on-site support from Wild Tech, NetSuite stands out from other companies for their global support and troubleshooting.

As an official 5-star partner of Oracle NetSuite, Wild Tech is your best complementary solution to NetSuite ERP. 

We help to tailor ERP solutions for businesses within Australia across all industries. Wild Tech and NetSuite can help you to optimise and run your key business processes. Your business and its growth is important, therefore we equip you with a software solution that matches your exact needs to trim any unnecessary costs and to make sure you’re getting a business solution that actually works.

Wild Tech works with business enterprises on all levels, from SMEs through to global corporations. Our technical expertise in business software consulting allows you to navigate the entire lifecycle of your cloud ERP with full support when needed.

We have local in-house teams ready at all times to help resolve any issues relating to troubleshooting, account set-up, maintenance, and more. 

Whatever the needs of your business and industry, Wild Tech ERP solutions will help you cut through the complexity and lead your business into accelerated growth.

Read more about us and how we can help you with your business solution strategy, and request more information about ERP solutions for your business

Our team are professionals in understanding industry priorities and matching businesses to an ERP vendor that works. Our ERP solution providers deliver specialised toolkits to enhance the features of your chosen ERP and can be completely customised to your industry needs. 

Upon close discussion about your needs, we will then develop a complete end-to-end system or solution to maximise NetSuite’s functionality with your specific industry requirements. 

Wild Tech believes in a “pay for what you use” approach, meaning we offer flexible business software solutions to accommodate any budget. We will provide you with a unique pricing model ensuring that you only pay for the services that you use, with full transparency on what you’re spending. When your business grows, and if you so choose, you can expand your existing ERP to scale with the growth of your business. In this instance, we can offer affordable add-ons to match the performance of your business and facilitate its expansion. 

Wild Tech adheres to the strictest quality practices and industry standards and strives to give our customers the absolute best cloud solution for their business. 

If you’re ready to deploy an ERP solution for your business, contact us today.


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