Increase momentum: How Glad Group are enhancing their business practices

This article was originally published by Glad Group on 14 Jun 2022

Change is all around us – it can be exciting and set your business on a path to thrive beyond expectations. During the last year, Glad Group have embarked on a business transformation program; ‘Increase Momentum’. This program has already made significant changes to our company, creating momentum for ongoing business resilience, optimism, and growth.

A significant focus of our Increase Momentum program is the fundamental review of business systems and processes. Glad Group recognise that legacy systems and manual processes are both inefficient and inflexible. To build a better, smarter, and more efficient business is the goal.

To that end we have partnered with Wild Tech and The Bean Counters to invest $1 million in capital to upgrade our Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Payroll and Expense Management Systems.

Building smarter business solutions

After many workshops defining scope and business requirements, we completed the design phase of this project – which encompassed a re-design of our accounting and procurement processes for all business divisions within the Glad Group. This is a significant investment and change to support our growing business. Manual, legacy processes and systems are being redefined.

Every aspect of how we financially manage and report on business operations – across human resources, business development, sales, marketing, and site operations – will soon all connect and work seamlessly together in an integrated suite of online applications. Building new, smarter business solutions also improves how we connect with our customers and suppliers – simpler, flatter processes to streamline transaction times and responsiveness.

Investment for the future

This is a whole of business project, an investment in building new systems and processes, supporting every aspect of Glad Group operations. Through development of new systems and processes we set ourselves up to be more agile, dynamic, and responsive to change.

To help lead and shepherd us through this project, we have partnered with systems development and integration specialists Wild Tech and The Bean Counters.