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CRM software delivers a cloud solution in real-time with 360-degree visibility of your customers. It provides a smooth flow of information across the entire customer life cycle - from lead all the way through opportunity, sale, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. It offers functionality beyond traditional CRM capabilities to enhance performance across your entire business.

Benefits of CRM

Key Benefits


Streamlines lead-to-cash processes as well as helping you manage seamlessly on a global scale across sales and services organisations.


Get real-time insights into key performance indicators for a holistic view of the organisation and a single source of truth.


Elevates productivity across the organisation with holistic view of customers.


Improves sales performance through life cycle management, forecasting, up sell, cross sell and commission management and more.

Key Features of CRM Solutions:

Customer Service Management

NetSuite's integrated customer service management solution gives you a complete view of customers helping to improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and lower service costs.

Sales Force Automation

NetSuite's software powers your organisation with integrated sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment, and sales commission.

Marketing Automation

NetSuite's marketing automation software automates your entire marketing process, allowing you to better align campaigns and programs with your sales teams.

Partner Relationship Management

NetSuite Partner Relationship Management enables real-time information flow that enhances visibility, boosts collaboration between you and your partners and creates a conduit between partners and your organisation.


A tailored solution for your industry.

We work across a wide range of industry verticals and tailor our solutions to the requirements for each of these to help drive the most successful outcomes. Each industry is different and requires different solutions. Our team provide excellent in depth knowledge and experience to understand your industry priorities.

Nesuite CRM Software Solutions

Customer relationships are at the heart of every business - no matter what industry. Keeping these relationships strong is integral to the growth and success of your company. With CRM software, you can easily formulate these relationships to keep your customer service management and business running strong.

At Wild Tech we trust NetSuite as our CRM solution. NetSuite CRM software is the superior

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a strategy for managing all your company’s client and partner relationships. CRM software is used to improve your customer relations by offering a fully cloud-integrated application that gives you an entire view of your company’s operations and customer processes.

A CRM platform tracks your customer’s journey from leads to sales, orders, renewals, fulfilment, and support. With CRM software, all of this lifecycle information is within immediate and easy reach. CRM collects all the data from customer interactions and automates data analysis so that companies can learn more about their customer and clientele, track sales productivity, and ensure customers aren’t being neglected. 

CRM technology can be leveraged by all businesses, with CRM for small business solutions available as well as CRM for enterprises who need a more organised and efficient way of tracking and managing customer data. 

By embracing CRM solutions, business leaders can offer their customers the type of personalised attention and support they expect. By placing emphasis on its customers and relationship-based sales, businesses can expect:

  • Increased customer and client retention 
  • Increase in referrals
  • Decreased end-user downtime
  • Savings on operating costs, time, and energy

CRM system software helps businesses to improve sales, marketing, and customer relations. CRM focuses on the customer and helps businesses to implement a strategy to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. As a result, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a more loyal customer base and increased revenue. 

CRM software can be easily integrated into your Cloud-based ERP, allowing your business to drive efficiency across the entire board and reach peak levels of performance.

Any B2B or B2C companies with many customers and large sales pipelines should consider a cloud-based CRM. 

CRM software makes organising interactions and relationships with customers easy. This software automates and streamlines all business operations and gives you a 360-degree view of your customer profile. 

A CRM solution minimises any risks and keeps your business and its personnel productive and maintaining efficiency. The biggest advantage of having a CRM as part of your customer management strategy is that it accompanies your sales team and streamlines the management of customer relationships.

Cloud-based CRM software is useful since the CRM interface can be accessed by all personnel with a login username and password. This makes internal processes much easier across all departments of a supply chain. A CRM compels businesses to replace old, manual strategies with new and efficient ways to keep the customer experience at the best possible level. 

Small businesses can also benefit from CRM. It can help SMEs to generate more leads as well as track them, to organise and monitor data more easily, and increase the sales cycle by leveraging their processes to best benefit the customer. 

A robust CRM management software is key to business expansion. With one, you can improve your business and increase your organisation’s productivity by having access to these benefits:

  • A system that puts the customer first: today’s competitive marketplace demands companies to maintain exceptional customer service. A CRM helps businesses to stand out and maintain a customer-centric experience.
  • Consistency: CRM software enables businesses to provide its customers with a consistent, personalised service across all channels.
  • More focused sales strategy: CRM makes it possible to market and campaign more strategically. CRM technology creates customer profiles so that you can enhance customer experience and tailor customer service interactions.

Interdepartmental corporation: A CRM can be accessed remotely – making it easier for departments to coordinate sales, marketing, and customer support.

NetSuite CRM software is the only cloud-based solution that offers a real-time view of your customers processes. The entire lifecycle journey of your customer is tracked and easily accessed, giving you everything you need to improve your relationship with your customers. 

NetSuite CRM is easily integrated into the NetSuite ERP. It can be accessed from any device that has access to the Internet, making it ideal for the modern business and for companies whose departments and personnel are spread out across different locations. 

Manual processes are replaced with a new automated single cloud solution that reduces costly, labour-intensive tasks and eases communication between departments. NetSuite CRM is designed to manage national and global sales, marketing, and customer service & support. The real-time dashboard delivers a customisable role-based report to sales, marketing, and service teams. With NetSuite CRM, you can monitor key performance indicators and sales performance as well as access sales goals, monitor customer service metrics, and provide recommendations based on intuitive upsell management and buying patterns. 

Unlike other CRM management software on the market, NetSuite CRM offers far more when it comes to specific selling features and functionality. The software is extremely easy to use and manage, coming equipped with intelligent features to make monitoring and reporting as simple as possible. The CRM suite not only covers sales, marketing, and customer service functions but also handles incentive compensation, partner management, and the aiding of complex transactions such as referral tracking.

NetSuite CRM is designed to help your business deliver the best in customer experience and service. It helps staff at all levels to understand customer profiles, craft better customer interactions, and ultimately win more sales.

As part of our services, our team at Wild Tech will provide support with NetSuite CRM implementation. During implementation, your existing customer data is transferred into the CRM – integrating sales and marketing processes as well as automating all functions across the sales and marketing activities. 

We will offer expert cloud software consulting to ensure your chosen CRM system is working at its peak capacity and improving the performance of your organisation. We can then make recommendations on a customised cloud software package based on the size of your business, your industry, what needs you require to best serve your internal processes, and your budget. 

The length of time it takes to implement your NetSuite CRM will depend on your specific requirements. The team at Wild Tech are proficient in delivering a swift and easy transition with minimal disruption to your company. As trusted NetSuite partners with experience in business software implementation, you can be confident that the entire process will be delivered by consultants who are certified and knowledgeable about the Oracle software suite. Read more About Us.

At Wild Tech we understand the importance of a streamlined experience when implementing your organisation’s software. As part of our Managed Services, you will benefit from 24/7 support, 365 days a year. You can enjoy peace of mind that help is available whenever you need it. The Wild Tech team can also deliver training once your NetSuite CRM integration is complete, ensuring your company uses the software correctly and understands how to leverage its features for the best outcomes. 

Read more about our Professional Services and how Wild Tech can help your business get started with a CRM solution. 


Wild Tech is one of Australia’s leading business software suppliers, with cloud solutions at the heart of what we do. 

We know the importance customers play in the overall profitability of a business. Combining technology with industry-knowledge and experience, Wild Tech can offer your business a complete CRM solution no matter your company’s area of expertise. 

Wild Tech is a proud Oracle NetSuite 5-star partner and solution provider. Australia’s #1 cloud ERP software solution can be yours with the help of our expert team. As Oracle NetSuite partners, we can provide business consulting services and solutions as well as provide support with the integration and deployment of NetSuite CRM. 

We implement business strategies using the best tools and software on the market. NetSuite’s scope of cloud solutions including CRM, eCommerce, HCM, and automation management provides your business with the strongest possible infrastructure. 

Switching to NetSuite cloud should be as smooth as possible. At Wild Tech, we provide you with around-the-clock support and advice on how to successfully use your new CRM software. We want you and your team to be as confident as possible when navigating the NetSuite CRM features to ensure you’re gaining the maximum return on your cloud software investment. 

Contact our team today so that we can help you start your NetSuite CRM integration and make the most out of your customer management strategy.


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