Wild Tech delivers the most complete and comprehensive ERP construction solution for small to medium sized organisations whilst ensuring that they maximise their return on investment. We deliver an enterprise solution supported by world best practice, scaled for mid sized companies, ensuring rapid implementation, simplifying your management of technology and ultimately reducing costs.


Advantages of cloud-based software


A robust ERP and global financial functionality designed for evolving businesses, supporting customers to simplify their critical business processes.


Providing a dynamic, user friendly platform designed for all users with the ability to accessed at any time from any device


With the ability to quickly and effortlessly add functionality as a business expands and evolves its capabilities.


That delivers a single-source of the truth and provides instantaneous insights into key performance indicators for a unified and holistic view of the organisation.

Transform your business with

• Unified visibility and control of your key business areas – projects, finance, purchasing, sales, timesheet management, expense management and billing.
• Complete tracking of Work In Process project management, and important monitoring around any fixed price over runs.
• Advanced Contractor management and utilisation reporting
• BIM file management and process control
• Issues Management and maintenance scheduling
• Monitoring of third-party contractor engagements and management
• Back to back “Bid to Billing” process support
• Detailed project accounting capabilities connecting project activities to your financials to ensure accurate billing throughout the project lifecycle including streamlined time and expense management accounting.


Australia’s Premier Provider of Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

We are a technology agnostic, agile consultancy focused exclusively on implementing leading solutions to Australian Construction & Building Materials organisations.

With decades of experience implementing top-tier platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, SAP Business One in the industries we have aligned, we are uniquely positioned to provide your business with impartial advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP Construction & Building Materials Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies including those within the construction industry to better manage their business. 

An ERP software system can integrate the planning and management of all aspects related to business. This includes financial management, payroll, purchasing inventory, sales & marketing, HR, Cloud deployment and more.

Essentially, ERP software binds all computing software within a company, together. This allows for a centralised system that makes it easier for departments to communicate as well as automate all daily functions and record-keeping activities. ERP software also helps to keep IT costs down, as Cloud integration eliminates expensive IT support and software fees. With ERP software, every department will access and use the one platform and user-interface, resulting in the reduction of administrative and operational costs, as well as enhancing information sharing between departments. 

A lot of construction ERP and engineering ERP software is designed to integrate important business practices specific to the industry. This includes construction management systems that monitor product statuses, expenditures, deadlines, and coordination between suppliers, contractors and builders. 

Since the construction industry is so multi-faceted, construction management software can greatly improve communication between the different departments and supply chain. Construction ERP software combines all construction service operations within the one central database. This helps to improve the overall efficiency, workability, and profitability of your business.

Using the ERP system in the construction industry can help a company become more self-aware. Companies within the construction industry are dealing with the challenges of a highly competitive market and increased demand for project control. ERP software allows companies to be more flexible and meet the demands of administrative requirements, complex construction processes, supply chain orchestration, and national & international operations. Having the support of advanced project management software provides builders and contractors with a solution to simplify all aspects of the construction business.

For one, the construction ERP software can be used to allocate budgets and control finances for more effective use of labour. It can also help streamline project management, particularly for companies who have departments and contractors spread around the country or world. With the help of an ERP, managers can easily monitor the performance and status of each project as well as track staff timesheets and delegate assignments in real-time. Since the majority of those working within the construction industry do so on a contract basis, ERP can greatly help with cost estimation. This can help contractors determine an accurate estimation for the cost of raw materials and labour, and to help find out how much profit or loss was made on a given project. 

Most predominantly, ERP software helps to eliminate time-consuming, costly project management processes – getting rid of downtime and helping to more efficiently hit ROI targets and deadlines.

The best construction project management software is one that will optimise all of your business processes. Whether you’re in the residential, commercial, or industrial industry the right ERP software will provide a combination of project management, financial management, CRM, inventory management, and real-time visibility across your entire organisation. 

Microsoft is recognised as the powerhouse ERP globally and delivers all vital ERP modules into one integrated system. By using just one system for all your core business needs, companies within the building and construction industry will be able to:

  • Fulfill and track inventory more effectively; stocking and shipping your product even faster
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain, making warehouse operations more efficient
  • Have real-time visibility and reporting for better business decision-making
  • Access the interface anywhere, anytime and from any device
  • Optimise financial processes and accounting capabilities 
  • Improve intercompany transactions
  • Reduce admin and manual tasks
  • Have access to both on-site and remote support with Wild Tech 

Microsoft has been providing efficient, effective, and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

Microsoft ERP is a flexible solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business or industry. With the help of an experienced implementation partner such as Wild Tech, you will be able to get exactly what you need for a profit-driven solution to your business management plan. 

Work with Wild Tech to receive the best implementation of your ERP software. We have our own specialised toolkits to enhance the features of your Cloud applications and maximise your return on investment.

Wild Tech is Australia’s leading implementer of Cloud Business Software Suites, and are proud partners of Microsoft. As an IT services organisation, we are experts in implementing cloud solutions to improve our client’s profitability. 

We enable focused and fast solutions for your business by implementing a Cloud solution best suited to your specific industry. Our construction software solutions will help your business achieve a rapid return on investment as well as continued long-term growth.

Over the years, Wild Tech has successfully implemented cloud system and ERP solutions across a range of mid-tier businesses and industries. When it comes to tailoring a solution, Wild Tech specialises in 4 key verticals:

  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced Supply Chain/Distribution 
  • Construction


We will work with you to enhance the features of your Cloud applications that will best deliver business growth, efficiency, and profitability. With the help of Microsoft and ERP modules for the construction industry, Wild Tech can deliver lasting and substantial improvement to all aspects of your business. 

Read our report on Inventory and Supply Chain Management: Executive Challenges and Best Practices or Unifying Financials and Inventory for further information on why and how an advanced ERP system can help you plan and manage more effectively.

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