Industrial Fasteners Partners with Wild Tech

We are thrilled to announce that Wild Tech has embarked on a transformative journey with Industrial Fasteners!

Industrial Fasteners is a family-owned business that stands out for its commitment to reliability and efficiency. They approached Wild Tech with the goal of streamlining their processes, integrating new technologies, and using that as a springboard towards further growth.

We were able to deliver that foundation by replacing their previous platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with the cutting-edge Wiise ERP system, built on Microsoft, as part of the Business Central platform.

Key highlights of our collaboration:

  • Simplified Implementation: We were able to architect a straightforward and rapid rollover to the Wiise ERP system, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting their daily operations.

  • System Upgrade: The shift from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Wiise has delivered increased reliability and integrity of the system data and can now be the foundation for further growth in operations.

  • Business Efficiency Boost: Through the Wiise feature set, we’ve empowered Industrial Fasteners to enhance business efficiency through additional automation, allowing them to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional products and services.

This collaboration is a testament to Wild Tech’s commitment to empowering businesses, big or small, with the transformative tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

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