Retailing in Australia

The Acceleration to Omni-Channel Sales Requires Real-Time Visibility of Your Supply Chain

The rapid growth in e-commerce and local shopping has been a positive side effect of COVID-19 for many retailers.

The global online opportunity for Australian businesses is here for the taking. To minimise cost and maximise margins, real-time visibility of the supply chain is crucial to grow market share in your sector.

ERP Solutions for Retail Enterprises

As an Australian retailer, your ability to negotiate the best outcomes with your suppliers will enable you to grow your margins, profitability and market share.

ERP Solutions allow businesses to integrate key business functions and provide real-time visibility on costs and sales for smarter decision making to succeed and have a competitive edge in a fast-paced, changing industry.

ERP Functionality to Transform Your Retail Enterprise

A custom ERP solution can deliver:

• A core platform which unifies your in-store, web and mobile operations into a single omni-channel operating system.
• The flexibility to build strategies around the customer and not be restricted by channels.
• Understand exactly what your Open-To-Buy amount is for confident purchasing decisions.
• Visibility of Cost of Goods Sold for advantageous negotiations with suppliers
• React quicker to changes in demand by using Point of Sale (POS) data in forecasting, inventory management and determining when to re-purchase.
• Quantify the impact of Promotions and Merchandising campaigns on sales and profitability.

Feature Customer: Cheap as Chips

Founded in 1985, Cheap as Chips is a leading Australian retailer with over 45 stores nationwide.

Following the successful launch of their e-commerce platform only last year, Cheap as Chips are now continuing their digital transformation in order to support their aggressive 5-year store rollout plans, introducing best in breed cloud ERP & POS platforms to provide the best customer experience.

Partnering with Wild Tech

We are your local Australian cloud-solution specialist.

Wild Tech are experts in prominent ERP and CRM platforms with deep knowledge in the retail sector.

We are uniquely placed to provide Australian clients with the depth of expertise required to evaluate, implement and deliver the most appropriate ERP and CRM solutions.


Advantages of cloud-based software


Identify and act quickly to opportunities and challenges with a cloud solution to simplifying complex business processes and avoid production delays or errors that could impact costs and delivery.


Get more out of your resources by creating efficiencies by converting suppliers and consumers into a harmonious ecosystem to maximise profitability and loyalty.


Get 360 degree visibility across all aspects of your business to provides actionable insights about every facet of your operation, anytime, anywhere.


A single-source of the truth and provides instantaneous insights into key performance indicators for a unified and holistic view of the organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recognised globally as the powerhouse ERP of the retail industry globally, Microsoft retail software is providing a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to take their operations to the next level in the most targeted, efficient and cost-effective way. Microsoft retail modules provide an all-in-one retail resource planning software solution that delivers in every operational area of business. Management of warehousing, orders, invoicing are just a selection of the capabilities offered in Microsoft’s retail software suite.

We’ve outlined some of the key advantages of ERP for manufacturing companies. Here’s a detailed summary of how a cloud-based ERP system can provide multiple benefits for your manufacturing business. 

We’ve outlined some of the key advantages of ERP for retail companies. Here’s a detailed summary of how a cloud-based ERP system can provide multiple benefits for your retail business. 

Affordability – By opting for cloud-based retail software, you can keep upfront outgoing costs low as there’s no hardware cost to factor in. That’s taken care of by Wild Tech as your solutions partner. Without the need for hardware, you can free up physical space and reduce your energy costs. A cloud-based system is also less labour intensive and doesn’t require a dedicated in-house IT team to carry out regular maintenance. Many businesses also experience an increase in workplace productivity due to more streamlined processes.

Agility – ERP for small manufacturers is ideal due to its flexibility and quick implementation time. For businesses that may be more sensitive to change, the minimal disruption offered by a cloud-based ERP for retail allows you and your organisation’s employees to focus on service delivery without the stress of a lengthy changeover of operational processes. Microsoft D365 for manufacturers also allows for easy adoption as it offers user-friendly interfaces and intuitive experience. The true flexibility of a cloud-based ERP system for retail is demonstrated in its remote access. The only requirement for users is an internet connection and they can access the software from anywhere in Australia and beyond.

Reliability – Introducing an ERP system for your retail company can help improve the consistency of your processes and reduce the margin for error when it comes to workflow scheduling and management. Tightening these processes means a reduction in potential financial inefficiencies.    

Scalability – Another key advantage of Microsoft’s ERP software for small manufacturers is that it is customisable to expand in functionality alongside your business as it grows with the implementation of additional retail ERP modules. 

Transparency and Insights – ERP implementation in the retail industry gives businesses the opportunity to truly harness the power of their organisation’s data. Through the housing of data in one central, remotely accessible location, you can collate your organisation’s Management Information and utilise it in order to make informed business decisions for future growth and development. KPI reporting becomes streamlined and performance measurement can be carried out regularly without the need for time-intensive manual number crunching. The process of test and learn has never been as accessible as it is with cloud retail software.

When you engage Wild Tech to implement your retail ERP software, you’re purchasing much more than just the end product. As a team of experts in the cloud-based software field, we’re passionate about technology and driven to help our clients succeed through delivering a premium consultancy experience. 

With our menu of Services including project audits, capability assessments, project-based consultancy and managed services, you can rely on industry-leading advice and round-the-clock support with the knowledge that we’re invested in helping you to achieve your business goals. Our portfolio of clients includes organisations of all sizes from SMEs through to large government agencies. 

Wild Tech has teams based in Melbourne and Sydney in addition to being fully equipped to provide comprehensive remote support to customers based elsewhere in Australia such as Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth as well as overseas.

We have a tried and tested methodology for ensuring a smooth implementation process of your Microsoft retail solution from start to finish.

We also recognize that every business is unique which is why we adopt an industry best practices approach to ensure your requirements are met. To illustrate the broad implementation process and give you an idea of the way we work, here’s a step-by-step guide to our implementation of cloud-based retail ERP systems. 

  • Initial Assessment and Consultation – During this phase, Wild Tech will work closely with you to understand your current operating processes, assess your current capabilities and identify opportunities to deliver solutions through Microsoft’s ERP retail software. 
  • Configuration for Testing – Once the initial consultation is complete and your needs have been identified, a consultant will work to build a solutions package mapped to your business using a console of Microsoft D365 retail software modules. 
  • Demonstration Workshop – During this session, your Wild Tech Microsoft consultant will walk you through the functionality and capability of your ERP software configured in the testing phase. This will be an opportunity to give feedback and will ideally be attended by a representative from each of your business departments that will utilise the software in order to receive input from a proportionate range of viewpoints. 
  • Pre-Live User Trial – Following the workshop, your consultant will make any necessary amends and additions before providing you with pre-launch logins to test the software package in your business environment. Control data will be used to allow for real-life testing and to establish a smooth workflow from department to department prior to full rollout. At this stage, sign off will be obtained in preparation for setting a go-live date. 
  • Official Roll Out – On the day of your software go-live, Wild Tech’s support team will be available to provide any required help and ensure the rollout is as successful as possible. They will also be able to support your team and identify training needs as part of your post-live review. 

If you’re at the stage where you’re shortlisting providers to supply ERP software for your retail company, or if you’re at the beginning of your research into the adoption of cloud-based business management software, you can give Wild Tech a call to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced consultants. Alternatively, you can email us to request information and we’ll be happy to discuss the next steps.

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