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Great technology can change everything when you combine market leading platforms with an industry-first approach to building Australia’s next generation of digital operating models.

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Providing a Fresh View of the Future

No one knows Australian industries the way we do, because for decades we’ve always believed that innovation starts with listening. As end-to-end customer transformation partners, we bring the best of all worlds in an agile and personalised offering that is equipped to provide market leading enterprise-grade solutions that scale well into the future.

Ultimately, we take your transformation as seriously as we take our promises.

Our Industries


Integrate key business functions, streamline operations, and provide real-time insights for smarter decision making; unlock your competitive edge to succeed in a fast paced, challenging industry.

Advanced Supply Chain & Distribution

Wild tech delivers the most complete and comprehensive ERP and wholesale distribution solution for small to medium companies whilst ensuring that they maximise their return on investment.


Wild Tech understands the local market conditions for Australian retailers and can recommend industry-specific solutions and deliver the implementation and training in all states.

Professional Services

With our Professional Services solution you will increase visibility into your organisation, improve resource utilisation, streamline invoicing and billing, elevate on-time project delivery and drive profitability.


Connect project activities to your financials to ensure accurate billing throughout the project lifecycle including streamlined time and expense management accounting.

What we do

Optimise your business with leading digital platforms

Streamline your business process, carefully deliver the correct technology, and continually support and enhance your business moving forward.


The lifeblood of a successful business.

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms empower organisations by streamlining all core business functions to run more efficiently

Unfortunately, ERP’s are often limited by the business processes they are meant to follow, hamstringing the organisation's ability to fully leverage the platform's capability.

Wild Tech thrives in defining your key operational and financial business processes in order to maximise technology to drive automation, yielding greater efficiencies and opening new revenue streams.


Enhance your Customer service capability by bringing ERP capability into the mix.

In order for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms to truly deliver a 360-degree visibility of your customers they need to work hand-in-hand with your ERP. Your sales staff require a smooth interaction across the entire customer lifecycle—from lead all the way through opportunity, direct and indirect sales, fulfilment commitments, renewals, upsell and cross-sell options, and customer support. This means they’ll need to interact with core ERP elements. Wildtech delivers the essential foundational work to unlock these capabilities.

Business Intelligence

Bringing clarity to your business.

Delivering an accurate view of the organisation is a challenge. Data is stored across multiple systems and manual data management processes are time consuming and error prone.

Business Intelligence applications can deliver built-in, real-time financial dashboards, analysis and reporting across all the connected processes within the software suite.

However, without engineering a comprehensive data structure with the necessary level of data governance, it would be difficult and expensive to deliver a suitable solution. Wild Tech provides the business acumen, value-added technology guidance and governance structures to ensure you set up the foundation correctly to extract the necessary insights without losing control of your data.

End to End

Unparalleled Cloud Based Solutions

We deliver unparalleled cloud based solutions for your organisation across all facets of the ERP lifecycle including Implementation, Development, Integration, Training and Support.


One size doesn't fit all.

You simply can't use the same approach for every customer. The way you implement an application is specifically linked to the software’s native functionality/complexity and the customer’s capability/digital maturity. We’ll be realistic with you as to what can be delivered safely and how to best implement the solution to ensure user adoption.


We always lead with the configure first approach.

However, when innovating there may be a need to code new or unique solutions. Wild Tech can deliver the end-to-end requirement, from design and development of scripts, platforms, apps or architecture, to testing and deployment.
We leverage a notion of continuous improvement with an eye on improving your competitive capability.


Our support and managed services are tailored to meet your business requirements without paying for services you don't need.

Our local in-house teams can rapidly resolve issues with troubleshooting, vendor management, testing, personalisation, debugging, maintenance and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud management software offers a multitude of benefits for small, medium and large businesses across a range of verticals. Firstly, a streamlined management software solution allows you to harness company information and insights enabling you to quickly adapt and optimise your operating processes. By engaging a company such as Wild Tech to connect you with a cloud software vendor, you can free up resources both financially and in employee time. As a cloud software provider, we offer flexible packages to ensure you’re equipped with and pay for a software solution that fits your business, trimming any unnecessary IT costs. You can also rely on a robust infrastructure which offers stability, accuracy and security. The Wild Tech team provides round-the-clock support and consultancy to assist your business to operate at peak performance.

Advancement in information technology is happening continually and the ability to adapt is key to retaining a competitive advantage. As part of Wild Tech’s cloud software solutions services, we can offer a Cloud Readiness Assessment. This assessment maps out your current processes and looks at specific business requirements in order to design and develop a software integration plan that works for you. Whether you’re adopting the technology for the first time or you’re looking to enhance and expand your cloud-based IT services, Wild Tech’s consultancy team can support you from the research phase through to ongoing maintenance and management.

We pride ourselves on offering a streamlined service that not only utilises our technical expertise in business software consulting but draws on the Wild Tech team’s vast experience in navigating project and change management. This allows our service offering to incorporate leadership and direction through the entire lifecycle of your cloud management software implementation. While our services and solutions are broad and comprehensive, we recognise that our clients appreciate a single point of contact throughout the process and this is another benefit we offer at Wild Tech.

Yes, we do. Wild Tech works with business enterprises on all levels from SMEs through to large governmental organisations. We provide a unique pricing model that ensures you pay for the services you use, with full transparency on what you’re spending. This allows you to leverage maximum benefit from our offering and measure the performance of your software with confidence.

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