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Business Intelligence delivers the sophistication of built-in, real-time financial dashboards, analysis and reporting across all the connected processes within the software suite. Understanding accurate value-added insights, business stakeholders gain immediate visibility to identify issues, trends and opportunities and easily drill down to the underlying issues to resolve.

Benefits of BI

Key Benefits


Real-time visibility and transparency into business performance across all core functions - from overview to transaction level.


One source of the truth with all your data located in a single place. It also provides a single, clear view of customers across multiple subsidiaries eliminating duplication.


Self-serve, personalised experience with easy-to-use reporting tools without needing programming or technical resources. Access from anywhere via web browser and mobile device.


Gain complete perspective and granular management of inventory demand and supply with supply chain snapshot.

Key Features of CRM Solutions:

Personalised Real Time Dashboards

Complete Self-Service Reporting

Analytics on the Go


A tailored solution for your industry.

We work across a wide range of industry verticals and tailor our solutions to the requirements for each of these to help drive the most successful outcomes. Each industry is different and requires different solutions. Our team provide excellent in depth knowledge and experience to understand your industry priorities.

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