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Wild Tech is a leading technology solutions provider of business centric application solutions for the cloud. We enable focused and fast solutions through the agile implementation of industry best practice technology platforms to improve performance and growth. We are committed to providing exceptional service and expertise that will add value and contribute to their long-term growth.


Wild Tech offers a range of cutting-edge services including industry specific business automation applications, project implementation services, systems integration and on-site and remote support. We work with you to tailor a solution to your industry, your business and your goals. We partner with customers to provide continuous support and improvements beyond providing the solution.

We specialise in 4 key verticals including: Professional Services, Manufacturing, Advanced Supply Chain / Distribution and Construction. We have our own specialised toolkits to enhance the features of your Cloud Applications and infrastructure and with the provision of independent advice completely customised to your needs. Wild Tech has truly adopted the ‘As a Service’ model across all our offerings. We believe a “pay for what you use” approach in critical for maximising our clients return on investment.


At Wild Tech we foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, integrity and transparency. Our teams are driven by solving problems, creating success stories and building long lasting partner and customer relationships.  The Wild Tech team are experienced, reliable and highly-skilled solution specialists. Industry experts, who are constantly looking for best practice solutions to improve and evolve our customers business and performance.


We live and breathe our company values everyday as we know that this will help us to continually deliver the very best to our customers, partners and our very own team.


This is not only a reflection of the work we do, but the people we are. We pride our selves on excellence in delivery, standards, reliability and successful outcomes for our teams, partners and customers.


We see this as multifaceted – connected with people and connected with technology to deliver the best outcomes. We believe that strong relationships are the foundation for success. This breeds trust, accountability and focus with customers, teams, partners and suppliers. In a digital era being connected means you are the faster, adaptable and evolving to always be at the forefront of best practice


It’s the ultimate sophistication. We aim to keep it clear, easy to understand, be easy to deal with and always without complication. It’s a true art and we not only work that way, we hope our customers experience it in everything we do.


We love new and different ways to deliver success. Cutting edge thinking, pushing boundaries to solve problems is how we like to work. Change is inevitable so we like to be adaptable and creative in how we approach things.



We ensure that our customers know we are there for them every step of the way. It’s important that we are open, available and supportive.


It’s a fast paced and dynamic world we live in and businesses are evolving and changing so frequently. We ensure that we are responsive and proactive to help our customers achieve their goals.


We believe in complete collaboration with our customers. We have a team focus, always sharing knowledge and information to ensure great outcomes.

Problem solvers

Providing successful solutions for our customers is what defines our success. We enjoy taking on challenges and working collaboratively to provide the very best solutions, tailored to our customers.

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