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Wild Tech are experts in prominent ERP and CRM platforms for your industry. We have deep knowledge in Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain, Construction and Professional Services.

We can provide an unbiased comparison between Oracle / NetSuite, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ensure you implement the best enterprise software suite for your business.

Your Business Optimisation Partner

We are uniquely placed to provide Australian clients with the depth of expertise required to evaluate, implement and deliver the most appropriate ERP and CRM solutions. 

Furthermore, we’ll guide you on how to optimise your business processes and then demonstrate how the solution can be tailored to realise efficiencies through your business.

Additionally, since we are not beholden to any platform vendor, we can provide unbiased advice to ensure you select the right tool for the job.



Featured Customer: Cheap as Chips

“At Cheap as Chips, the importance of integrating the company’s POS, retailing, merchandising and warehousing into one integrated, streamlined system cannot be overstated.”


Featured Customer: Bastion Cycles

“For Bastion to compete on an international stage, we’ve got to do things smarter and faster. We need the right visibility of our business and the right automation technology in order to move to the next level”. says ___________, Co-Founder.

Advanced Supply Chain & Distribution

Testimonial from a client

Professional Services

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Testimonial from a client

What We Specialise In

We specialise in prominent ERP and CRM platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, SAP Business One and facilitate end to end delivery of business automation, from evaluation to implementation to managed services and support. 


We bring the business consultancy element together with the technical implementation and see the project through to completion. 

We value long-lasting relationships and we build these through hard work and robust solutions, not complex contracts. 

Should you wish to deliver the solutions internally, we are able to support staff augmentation with technical leads, architects, BAs, project leads and offshore development teams to supplement your team with the right specialists.

Our Culture

Wild Tech is a focused organisation offering the best of both worlds to our customers. We are agile and nimble enough to deliver a personalised service and yet when this is combined with the scale of the platforms we work with, the solutions we deliver are enterprise-grade.

Our culture is underpinned by a respect for taking responsibility for the projects we are involved with. 

We take the promises we make to clients seriously, which means that our team is driven to empower our customers with the correct information to make the right decisions regarding their choice of business platform.



We ensure that our customers know we are there for them every step of the way. It’s important that we are open, available and supportive.


It’s a fast paced and dynamic world we live in and businesses are evolving and changing so frequently. We ensure that we are responsive and proactive to help our customers achieve their goals.


We believe in complete collaboration with our customers. We have a team focus, always sharing knowledge and information to ensure great outcomes.

Problem Solvers

Providing successful solutions for our customers is what defines our success. We enjoy taking on challenges and working collaboratively to provide the very best solutions, tailored to our customers.

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